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Frequently Asked Questions for Hair Transplantation

After how long can I recover a normal hair care ?

After 2 weeks when the scabs have fallen and the medication is over.

After the two weeks of care, can I use a regular shampoo ?

You can use a baby shampoo with a neutral pH or every shampoo with neutral pH. Of course, It’s recommended to use the shampoo Keratene provided by the clinic because these one is less agressive.

Can I dry my hair with an hairdryer ?

Yes, but avoid high temperatures that can damage the hair and keep a distance so as not to burn your scalp.

What precautions should I take ?

You must protect the grafts from the sun, dust and pollution using the bandana provided by the clinic.

When hair transplant regrowth will be optimal ?

Regrowth can vary from one patient to another but in general, you obtain good result after 12 to 15 month.

When can I drive ?

You can drive the day after the surgery.

When can I return to work?

To be very confortable, the doctor advise you to wait two weeks after the surgery.

When should I see the doctor for a consultation ?

Every three month na the surgery.

Are the implant grafts permanent ?

Yes, the implant hairs are permanent and defenitive.

When can I go back to the hairdresser?

3 weeks after the surgery

How long after the surgery can I apply Minoxidil?

From the third week

When can I play sport ?

You can play sport 7 days after the surgery with FUE and two weeks after the surgery with FUT (STRIP).

Can I wear a byke helmet or motorcycle ?

You can wear a helmet 2 – 3 month after the surgery while avoiding a long period.

When can I swim ?

You can swim in the sea two weeks after the surgery. But avoid chlorinated water for five months after the surgery.

Can I go swimming with a bathing cap without putting my head under water ?

It is recommended to wait 3 months after surgery.

Can I use topic powder after surgery ?

No, because the scalp can not breathe with the topic powder so it’s not recommended.

After how long do I need to wait until the small scares of the donnor area will desapear ?

You must wait 10 to 15 days.

Is it possible that the replant hair doesn’t grow ?

Medecine is not an exact science ; therefore the results of the procedure cannor be guaranteed, and the is a risk of no regrowht but only 1 % of all cases.

Can I use some products to stimulate the regrowth ?

Yes, natural products : yeast (beer) 2-3 months/ year, Biotine, MSM,…

Should I stop smoking ?

Yes and we encourage you to stop tobacco to boost the regrowth. Cigaret is nocive for your health and your hairs.