FUT Procedure

FUT procedure

When you’ve made your decision, we will set a date for the operation.

An informed consent form will be provided at least fifteen days prior to surgery to be signed the day of surgery. One of our staff will go over the general rules and your customized surgery procedure with you to give you a summary of the decisions made about the overall surgical approach and the area to be covered during the procedure.

Generally, the operation will begin early in the day and end late in the afternoon or evening. For patients from abroad, it is desirable to be present the day before surgery to be fresh and rested on the day of the surgery.

FUT/STRIP (Technique of the strip)

The area of the strip is shaved. Contrary to common practice, the adjacent areas are not.

But the advantage is clear: the suture is invisible because immediately  in a hairy area.

Local anesthesia is applied.

After extraction of the strip of the scalp suturing is performed using absorbable suture for the deep wound to reduce the tension under the skin : non-absorbable thread is used for the superficial closing. This is done after use of  the “tricophytic closure” technique that reduces the appearance of the scar, allowing the regrowth of hair in the scar. The suture thread is then removed around ten days later.

With a microscope, the strip of skin removed is cut up into thin pieces called “slivers” which will be cut up in a second step to individualise the follicular units. These will then be re-implanted to recreate the desired design in the receiving area.

Dr. Lupanzula is very skilful with the technique and has handled many cases with excellent results.

In the same way as for FUE, we strongly advise against driving on the evening of the surgery. Therefore, you must provide another means of transport.
It is also essential to make an appointment the day after surgery to verify the good condition of the graft.
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